Sunday, August 9, 2009

Settled 19 days in

I have felt too overwhelmed to write a blog the whole time I've been here, in Panama. It's not that I'm upset or sad here, it's just that so much is happening every day all the time that I couldn't decide on what I should write on, this is also due to the fact that I can be perfectionistic. Finally today I realized that I just have to start, because the longer I wait, the more I have to write about, the more pressure. So here we go, the long awaited blog has begun to be written.

This is my third Sunday being here in Panama, so far I have really enjoyed it. The weeks go by extremely fast, as soon as it hits Monday it seems as though i blink and it's already Friday. We have things scheduled from about 7am-6:30pm Monday through Friday. My favorite part of the DTS is the classes. Our teachers are great, they have a ton of life experience and always bring tons of the word into their lessons. Our first teacher was from Costa Rica, named Kenneth and taught on Hearing the voice of God. Our second teacher, this past week was Tim from San Francisco, who spoke on ministry in the city. Besides classes I have been enjoying the people, the reading, sitting on the porch, laying on my bed, having consistent time with God, learning how to cook, intercession, talking to my boyfriend Sean on skype, writing emails with friends, the thunderstorms. The list goes on!

Things i miss:
Warm water for showers
my eyelashes curling
dry anything (clothes, sheets, sandals)
doing laundry in a house
dryer sheets! (which Sean is sending me in the mail!)
Girls night
So You think you can dance

One more funny story before I end this. My friend is from Norway and I make a lot of jokes and I have had to explain them to her. For instance: thats what she said (which is very hard to explain by the way) and then the drum sound you make after a cheesy know- buh dum ch (with the hand motions)

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  1. One of my favorite things about Panama- Katie Hargrave :)