Friday, May 13, 2011


It seems as though the longer I live the more change comes my way. Lately, I have felt as though my life is one big transition. Anybody relate with this? I’ve been thinking a lot on this idea of transition as I am about to make my fifth relocation all within the last two years. Besides changing where I live, I’ve switched who I lived with, what city or even country I was living in, living in the ghetto, living in a nice neighborhood, my job, my church, grocery store, gas station, bedroom, bathroom, freeways, having a long distance relationship, being engaged, getting married, changing my name on my drivers license, social security, bank accounts, selling a car, buying a car, selling that car, and buying my current car….the list just keeps going. I wouldn’t consider myself an unstable or inconsistent person who’s always changing their mind- but looking at my last two years I am almost questioning myself! Is this just what happens when you grow up? Or is this just what happens for a small portion of your life? Or is this just life?

Webster’s Dictionary
Definition of Transition:
a. passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another
b: a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another

alteration, changeover, conversion, development, evolution, flux, growth, metamorphosis, metastasis, passage, passing, progress, progression, realignment, shift, transformation, transit, transmutation, turn, turning point, upheaval

beginning, conclusion, end, finish, introduction, sameness, stagnation, start

When I read some of the words that were just listed it dawned on me that this can be related or translated into my relationship with Jesus. Development, conversion, growth, realignment, shift, transformation. I mean, I could name a church or youth group off of those words! God must be at work in my life and doing something. In James 1:17 it says that our Father does not change like shifting shadows. Maybe all this change is to remind me that nothing is constant but Him, to only hope in my Father, to always depend on who He is. Bingo.

This is why I write…I have mini breakthroughs


  1. I love you so much. Your blog looks great! :)

  2. Dude you have a rad blog layout, must show me how to change mine up!! Love you long time :)

    Good word lady, nothing is constant but the father and that is our anchor and where we find our peace in the midst of much change and have had a ton of life changes in the past 2 will settle and in a few years look back and say man I could use a little chaotic change right now lol!!!