Friday, September 2, 2011

Those who believe

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the people who've been in your life who have believed in you?

I was thinking about it this week as I was talking with some students who are about 10 years younger than me. I hear them saying things like "I don't know if I could do that" or " I really want to do __________ but we'll see". I want to shout from the rooftops for people to go after their dreams! I firmly think that God gives us dreams and passions that come from Him, we just have to have the courage to step out and see ourselves as He does.

I've been thinking of James Skinner, Jason Blanford, Scott and Linna Martz, Liz Dewberry, Sean, my family, and my best friends who have been the ones who have believed in me when I didn't. Because of them I have had some amazing experiences that have shaped me in huge ways to become who I am today.

Sometimes people just need SOMEONE to tell them they can do it! The tongue has been compared to a rudder on a boat or a bit in a horses mouth- a small thing, but a huge affect which can change the direction a person or object is going in.

It's pretty crazy that we all have the opportunity to say small things each day to people that can potentially have a huge affect in their lives. Hopefully I can remember to use those opportunities and not miss them. Help me Jesus!


  1. Great post, I love the example you used of the tongue to a rudder, so true!

  2. Well said Sweetheart, you have grown into an amazing young woman.I am so glad that you are Noelle's friend and that you are part of my world.
    So true that words have such an impact on our lives, we can make or break someone so easily. I will try to think alittle longer before I speak and also look for those opportunities.
    God Bless you and Sean
    Love CathyB

  3. A little behind on my posting and commenting but I love this post, and I need to do more to encourage others, what we say has an amazing effect on not only other but ourselves as well!! Thank you for the reminder!And thank you for being one of my best friends who always speaks into my life! I LOVE YOU MUCHO :)